About us

A whole box of American snacks, delivered to your door,

Iven Alger is a small business based in Manchester, England. With strong passion for entrepreneurship, we curate a fun variety of American candies and snacks at the lowest price from our base in Northwest England directly to your door. Because we care, we use eco-friendly packaging to ship all orders. To make it an enjoyable experience, subscribers receive a box filled with different snacks, candies and drinks each month. Being a small business, we do all the fulfillment ourselves. This helps us to pay closer attention to customers' needs as they relate to customization and allergies. Subscribe and treat yourself to a box, just for you or your loved ones while supporting a small business. 

If you need to let us know about allergies, please send email to iven@ivenalger.co.uk or add a note to the box provided in the checkout.