4 Tips To Look Stylish Even At The Gym

Who said gym clothes need to be boring?

When it comes to mustering up the effort to hit the gym, motivation starts with what you wear. Don't believe us? Whether you like to attend a yoga class a couple of times a week, or whether you're all about the sweat-inducing cardio workouts— wearing the right clothing can hugely benefit your overall health, as well as encourage you to workout more often. The best part? It doesn’t have to be boring.

Believe it or not, you can look stylish, even at the gym (really). Taking the time to scout out flattering gym wear will actually make you feel more excited to conquer your workouts, and you won’t even feel embarrassed about being spotted out and about in your gym attire. So, wave goodbye to that old, baggy T-shirt and your awkward fitting gym shorts. Here are our top tips for looking stylish at the gym.

1. Choose your socks and sneakers wisely.

We’ve talked before about how your socks can be the make or break of any workout outfit. When it comes to choosing your workout socks, you should always opt for those designed for athleticism, as they will be able to withstand much more than your normal, everyday socks. Look for those with a cushioned and supportive footbed, durability and a comfortable fit. That way, you’ll ensure your workouts are always pain free. Our crew socks are designed with fitness in mind, combining effortless style with a comfortable fit.

The same principle applies to your choice of sneakers. Choosing the wrong type could potentially cause a myriad of problems for your feet— and you should take extra precaution if you are someone who suffers from any foot-related problems. While it’s important to prioritise comfort and support when choosing your workout sneakers, aesthetic is also important. Thankfully, there are options out there to satisfy all requirements, to ensure you have a comfortable and stylish workout.

2. Opt for a comfortable fit.

Your old, baggy T-shirt may be comfortable to lounge around in— but it isn’t going to do anything for you when working out. We get it— it’s easy to disregard the fit of a T-shirt or tracksuit bottoms, but trust us when we say it really does matter. If your workout outfit is too small, it could potentially look unflattering, not to mention the fact that it could cause pain during your workout. If too big, you could risk getting caught in any machinery you’re using in the gym, which is extremely dangerous. Thus, whatever your preferred personal style, always ensure that you opt for a comfortable fit.

3. Use sweat-absorbing accessories.

If you feel self-conscious about sweating at the gym, you can opt for sweat-absorbing accessories to ensure you always look and feel your best throughout the duration of your workouts. Headbands, wristbands, ankle bands and bandanas are just a few of the accessories that not only look good, but that can help to prevent sweat— making you feel more confident when you hit the gym.

4. Have good gym hygiene.

Looking stylish and attractive at the gym isn’t all about the clothes you wear— it’s also very much to do with how you carry yourself. Hygiene issues are likely to become more noticeable the more you move around and the more you sweat, therefore, it’s important to take care of these issues before you begin your workout. For example, you should always cover any cuts, scrapes or sores with bandages before commencing your workout, and you should always bathe or shower every time you use the gym.


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