Never Wear These Socks

…unless you value a comfortable fit every single time.

By focusing on classic elegance, contemporary designs and minimalism— we are redefining 21st-century fashion accessories. Our collection of high-quality, organic cotton socks give you the perfect choices for every purpose— whether you’re working out, hanging out, creating a smart casual look or simply lounging. Whatever the case may be, we prioritise effortless style, premium quality and comfort every single time.

When we began mapping out our current collections, from the very beginning, we knew we wanted to strive for a clean, minimalistic aesthetic to suit a range of styles without restriction— whether that be for the gym, for work, for everyday or even simply for lounging. We also wanted to think far beyond the design— we wanted to delve deeper, carefully considering the comfort, fit and quality of our products.


 Our long crew socks are thoughtfully designed with athleticism in mind. The half-cushioned footbed gives you that much-needed comfort and support when working out, whether it be at the gym, at home or outdoors. That said, they are contemporary and minimalistic in design— thus not restricting them to any one style. They feature two simple stripes and the brand name on the ribbed cuffs, and are available to buy in a range of colours to suit your own individualistic style.



Our mid-calf crew socks are designed to complement your casual, everyday look, whatever that may be. They are made with strategic cushioning and build, and feature a perfect fit and stretch to provide that much-needed comfort day in, day out— regardless of what you’re doing. They feature the brand name on the ribbed cuffs and are available in a range of colours to suit your personal style without restriction.


At Iven Alger, who we are is about so much more than just fashion. Through your purchases, we help to fight for children’s rights around the world. We are also passionate about ethical practices in business. These ideals are at the core of everything we do. With that in mind, we understand that it is our responsibility to always be transparent about our environmental and social impacts. That’s why our socks are made with GOTS standard organic cotton, and why we're working to expand our sustainability further.

Currently, we are exploring additional sustainable materials for upcoming product launches— we have some very exciting ideas in the pipeline that we simply cannot wait to bring to fruition. Sign up to our mailing list today to be amongst the very first to hear about our upcoming collections and latest news.


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